Hi, I’m Ryan :D

I’ve taught React to thousands of developers like you at in-person workshops across the world.

I co-authored React Router, one of the most popular projects in the React ecosystem.

I’ve been on product development teams, led front-end infrastructure on large teams, worked at agencies, maintained large OSS projects, and now I’m a small business owner. I've likely had a job a lot like yours.

With this experience, I'm now giving you the fast path to master web development with React.

Advanced React.js Course

Maybe you’ve already been using React for a while, but if you want to master it, you have to master the component. You need to know when and why to use one pattern over another, or none of them!

This is the course material that actually coined the terms Compound Components and Render Props, taught at dozens of workshops I’ve given since 2015, now available online.

Even if you’re already familiar with the topics, this course will unlock for you a new level of building declarative, reusable components in real-world scenarios. If it doesn’t, I’ll refund your money.

  • "Extending" React
  • Compound Components
  • Context
  • Higher Order Components
  • Render Props
  • Controlled Custom Components
  • Reimplementing React Redux and React Router
  • 6 Patterns
  • 8 Exercises
  • 8 Solutions

What’s Coming...

Though there is only one course right now, I’ll be publishing more each month.

When I’m done, you’ll have the most cohesive catalog of React learning material available: 7 real world projects complete with production deployments, and 10 topical courses to dive into for deeper understanding.

The courses together will span the entire React web development ecosystem: CLIs, state management, data, accessibility, styling, routing, hosting ... all of it. Total React.

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